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Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of conducting Demand Generation Workshops for hundreds of marketers.  These workshops are designed to be a “lab”, a place where marketers could learn about how to build an effective demand generation program, and then spend time applying what they learned to their respective companies. After the workshops, I…

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How to Make Demand Generation More Effective

]A few years ago, I was asked to write an article for the Content Marketing Institute. The question I was asked to answer via the article was, “How can I make my Demand Generation more effective?”. I recently pulled up what I wrote, and found that it’s just as pertinent today as it was when…

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What I’ve Been Up To

As you can see from the date of the post before this one, I’ve been somewhat “pre-occupied”.  I thought I’d provide an update on where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing. In early 2015, I met the business owner of an established $25 million manufacturing company. I had been invited to spend time with…

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