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Karen White

My husband has been working with Jay for the past 6 months. The confidence and excitement I see in him has been transformational. Jay has a special gift to coach individuals both personally and professionally, balancing out their life goals!

Marc Anthony

I have worked with Jay for over seven years and leveraged his capabilities in three different ways within two different companies. My first experience was benefiting from his extensive sales and marketing expertise. Second as a coach both personally and then also with/for peers. Thirdly the StratOp process is hands down the best holistic strategic and tactical planning and execution tool I have ever experienced in my 33+ years of work across nine different employers including Herman Miller, Prince/JCI, Haworth, and John Deere just to name a few. Do yourself and your company a favor and at least just have a conversation with Jay - you will be blessed.

John Pottenger

There are some things that words can not express, and my appreciation and admiration for what Jay does for people is one of those. He has been instrumental in repeatedly helping me see a path forward when I was unable to see it. He is that person of integrity that everyone wishes they had, someone who can breath honest, fresh and sometimes very needed feedback that helps you move forward. From working with fortune 500 companies down to single individuals or small teams, Jay has a way of helping people get to where they want to go and lay out a plan that everyone can get on board with. If you are considering bringing Jay into your conversation, team or strategic planning process, you simply won't have any room for disappointment unless you fail to follow his advice. I can't recommend Jay enough.

Jon VerLee

Jay brings a wealth of wisdom and leadership principles. As a CEO, Jay gave me a set of tools that I can use in multiple situations to help with decision making and leadership. Would definitely recommend!

John Clark

Jay works with you to truly understand your business, your style of leadership, and your company culture to help maximize your potential.

Mike Mervenne

Based upon my past experience, developing a business strategy is only the first step. Implementation is an ongoing journey. Jay continues to hold you accountable going forward. This is the area where we failed in the past. He is part of our management team!

Scott Vogel

Jay has been incredible in helping me to grow both in my business and personal life, he is a true blessing.

Greg Mulder

I have enjoyed working with Jay over the past couple years. With his experience and expertise, he has been able to help is in several areas of our business. We look forward to continuing to work with him in the years to come.

Greg Abbott

Jay is a true professional who was able to lead my executive team in the Strat Op process effectively and successfully. I highly recommend Jay for any business/organization that needs a “guide” to help them for a season or a specific need. Thanks Jay!

Bill Castleberry

Jay has been instrumental in guiding our leadership team, and our business, through the process of identifying who we are organizationally and what it will take to achieve sustainable revenue growth moving forward. He built instant rapport with all of us right from the beginning and truly cares about the future success of our business. Jay delivers a wealth of knowledge, credibility and discipline to our business planning process. Please reach out directly to me if you would like to learn more about our very positive experience with Jay Hidalgo.

Renae Henderson

Clients working with Jay will benefit from his deep well of experience, expertise, and network! He's a wonderful mix of professional and fun to work with.

Rick Zomer

I've worked with Jay on setting organizational vision and strategy as well as staff selection and coaching. He takes the time to understand the organization and the individuals involved, asks good questions and provides great insight. Our organization has benefited greatly from working with Jay. Rick Zomer Executive Director Youth Unlimited.

Cory Carlson

Jay is very strong as a business coach as he has a few key traits necessary for the role. He has a servant heart, allowing him to listen to his client's needs and not just quick to share his opinion. Jay also has strong business acumen from running his own businesses, plus helping executive clients navigate their own. Lastly he is creative when it comes to helping leaders and teams process strategy.

Ben Thompson

I have had Jay as a coach long enough to develop a track record of mutual respect and trust. Depending on your professional and personal situation Jay will meet you with valuable perspective, strategy, and practical tactics to assist you in getting to your next level opportunity or through this current challenge. Jay provides the quality of interaction that makes all question of, “Is this worth it?” a satisfying, “Yes.”

Amy Mangueria

I am not sure where I would be with out Jay's coaching. I was a novice marketer before I was set up for a coaching plan with Jay. In just 12 months time he transformed me into a superstar - and his "never stop learning" mentality has been with me ever since. He is the reason why I am successful today!

Cindy Bultema

As the Executive Director of a global non-profit ministry, it's been extremely valuable to have Jay as a Leadership Coach since July 2017. I've found Jay's straight forward approach beneficial, inspiring, and rewarding. Jay is a fantastic listener, coach, teacher, and mentor. He's helped me identify key performance gaps, create plans for improvement, and implement lasting change. His relevant stories and sports/movies examples help make his points stick! Personally, I admire Jay for his generous, caring heart and dedication to relationships. He truly cares about the individuals he coaches, and wants his clients to flourish in all aspects and areas of his/her lives. I'd highly recommend Jay to anyone looking for a coach. He gets 10 stars from me!

Marge Murphy

Jay has been an amazing partner, mentor and strategic leader. He has brought our leadership team to a place of great clarity with the confidence and excitement to achieve our growth goals! Thanks Jay!

Len Podolsky

Jay is an invaluable resource to any growth-oriented team. He provides practical strategic advice with a focus on execution and really helps you get things done.

Jennifer Jurgens

Great guy & a great coach! Jay has a way of quickly identifying the crux of your issue and helping you find a solution.

T. Scott Kearney

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Jay Hidalgo for over 20 years. Jay's in-depth knowledge and experience in marketing and business coaching make him a valuable resource to any company. His professionalism and dedication to his clients ensures that the client will succeed. Jay really "gets it."

Michael Murphy

Have been working with Jay for about a year now and during that period he has walked us down a path to clarity and defining our messaging, direction, vision and 3 year plan. The best part of the engagement has been the fact that it was executed in such a way that the progress was gradual, thoughtful and not rushed. The engagement was built for our size organization. We got to this point without putting a strain on the organization's team. He truly shepherded us in the journey. We are thankful to have Jay as part of our future and are eager to see, with his assistance and guidance, what we can achieve.

Michael Davito

Jay was a tremendous partner, bringing key insight and enabling effective communication within our executive team.

Ross Haan

Jay has been an invaluable coach and resource for the continued success and growth of our business. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Rayanne Beaudry

Jay has been a huge asset to us as a business and leadership coach. He brings so much experience and wisdom to every conversation, and has really helped us move our business in the right direction. Highly recommend!

Brian Pitts

I've known Jay for over two years. I have benefited from his talent for listening and asking powerful questions, as well as his passion for serving others. There have been key moments in our work together that, because of questions he has asked me, whole new avenues of my career have opened up. I've learned that when I get stumped, that's a great time to call Jay. You can't go wrong by inviting him to come alongside!

Hunter Hall

Jay has this unique gifting to sit with you, listen to your situation/issues and then, he hits you with it...this laser focused, pin pointed, exacting diagnosis as to the core issue(s) that your dealing with. His ability to identify not the symptoms, but the cause of my issues, has been so helpful. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone looking for some self awareness growth as well as outside eyes on business improvement. Two thumbs up for Jay.

Shawn White

I have been working with Jay over the last several years and I have seen tremendous progress in my business and personal life. I highly recommend Jay as a coach. If you are looking to grow and be challenged, Jay is your guy. It is hard to image Jay's input not in my life. I have referred him several people and have seen personal growth in them as well.

Doug VandenHoek

Jay has been an amazing coach over the last couple of years. He applies years of learning into each discussion and helps bring clarity in business and leadership in order to guide decisions.


Jay is an all around quality guy! He is knowledgeable is so many areas! He is someone I can count on to hold me accountable, motivate me, and readjust my focus when needed. Our organization would definitely recommend Jay for all of your coaching and business needs!

Bridget Fricke

Jay helped our team create a strategic plan that we can stick to. He holds us accountable and ensures we make working ON the business a priority when we so often get stuck in the day-to-day. We have seen great improvements in our business thanks to his guidance and I can't wait to see where we grow!

Michelle McCullough

I've worked with Jay for over five years, and he is passionate about helping business owners and executives excel. He is equipped with years of experience and effective tools to help you grow professionally. He applies to his own life what he uses in his coaching practice. What I appreciate most is his direct approach of telling you like it is while pushing you to embrace the uncomfortable. He is a true professional and respectfully holds you accountable in attaining your growth goals. Jay is a trusted friend, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to those I know could benefit from his expertise.

George Moss

I booked Jay yeas ago for a 2 day workshop for my small business and the process he brought us though revolutionized our business. The lessons we discovered in that session has been one of the most valuable investments I've ever made for my company.

Holli Verhovsek

Jay will help you take your business to the next level. He uses simple tools to help you discover what your strengths are. He helps bring together all your crazy business ideas and focus on the ones that matter.

Jason Fill

Our experience with Jay has been outstanding. I would highly recommend both his strategic planning and executive coaching services.

Meryl Herr

Jay generously offers his wisdom gleaned from years of experience. He's eager to help and provides frameworks and principles so that his clients can grow in wisdom. He has coached me as I have developed my consulting business, guiding me through client acquisition in particular.

Win Lippincott

Building a successful business development function is not about having the best salespeople (though that doesn't hurt), it's about having the best process and infrastructure in place to ensure thorough, consistent execution. We engaged with Jay to help us build such a strategy from the ground up and it absolutely accelerated our path to success in building a growth engine for the company. His on-site workshop really engaged the entire team in the process and earned their 'buy-in' in a way that a session with only internal folks absolutely could not have. He's going to challenge your thinking in a positive, productive way. I strongly urge you to take advantage of his follow-up sessions too as they are instrumental to ensuring the fruits of the workshop get implemented thoughtfully over time. I wholeheartedly endorse his methods and process (nothing about it is cookie-cutter) and am confident he could help your company in a similar fashion. Highly recommended!

Josh Barker

Jay is a gifted teacher and has helped our company grow in multiple ways by investing into our most important asset: our people. I have been blessed with the opportunity to grow under the mentorship of others for many years, and Jay is no exception to this group of mentors and friends. His ability to take a concept that I have known, but to articulate it and dissect it into an easy-to-explain framework is one of his key strengths. I don't normally post reviews, but I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to grow their company.

Alex Thivierge

Jay has been an instrumental resource in my growth as a leader in my organization. Jay has the perfect balance of listening, making suggestions, and challenging me when needed.

jason irwin

Can not say enough good things about Jay. In short he has been nothing short of essential to our businesses success. Do not hesitate to reach out. You will be glad you did.

Lance Beaudry

Jay is a top-notch business coach. I've been led by Jay for almost 10 years now. His wisdom allows me to gain clarity on running my business. Whether it's a people, process, or product problem, Jay finds a way to lead our team to making the right decisions at the right time. He has been and will continue to be a sounding board for the future of my wife and I's business.

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