Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Let’s start by what it’s not. It’s not a shortcut. It’s not a quick fix, and it’s not for everyone. Done right, professional executive coaching delivers a personalized, targeted methodology to maximize the impact of executives and their teams.

I focus on helping you achieve measurable results tied to your unique business, professional and personal goals. And that means no “one-size-fits-all” programs. I utilize the most effective leadership development processes to systematically assess, evolve, and equip people for exceptional success.

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Executive Coaching

Why do I need professional coaching?

Exhausted. Overcommitted. Can you relate? Today’s business and organizational leaders face increasing pressure to boost performance and hit revenue targets — with smaller staffs and shrinking resources. 

It’s getting harder than ever to please your employees and your customers. Not to mention making time for family and community. No wonder over 90 percent of senior-level execs feel some degree of burnout. And burnout can sabotage your success.

Unfortunately, many stressed-out leaders respond by “sucking it up” and grinding away even harder and longer — for the sake of their company and at the expense of their loved ones. There is a better way.

Together, we can set and maintain healthy boundaries while ramping up your performance to new levels. How does it work? Let’s unpack my unique approach by looking at five key questions.

90 Percent Burnout

What are the goals of executive coaching?

My goal is to help leaders and high-potential performers expand their vision, achieve objectives, and reach their maximum potential. My aim is to build confidence, transfer skills, and offer an unbiased perspective that can take you and your firm to higher performance. I’ll help you see your way forward. And help you get there.

How do you prepare for executive coaching?

A good coach functions as an advisor and accountability partner to help leaders stay laser-focused on improving. So, honesty and transparency from both parties are critical to the relationship. Good solutions start with asking the right questions. For best results, executives and their teams should prepare to be open, candid, and teachable. Come prepared with a list of questions to ask a business coach.

What should I expect from executive coaching?

There’s no magic formula. Meaningful change takes time, effort, and trust. Expect me to use easy-to-remember tools and in-person conversations to sharpen your focus and gain insights to improve your operation. 

Look forward to the many benefits of being coached, including learning new ways of thinking, interacting, and communicating. Expect to be challenged, stretched, and encouraged by each executive coaching session.  

What are the best methods of executive coaching?

There are tons of options and executive coaching techniques out there. In my experience, the key to breakthrough is shifting our stance from being reactive to being intentional. 

Together, we’ll move from increased awareness to definitive action. This transformational approach helps all levels of leadership and their teams excel in mission-critical areas and reach agreed-upon executive coaching goals. 

There are many benefits of executive coaching. My methods help leaders to:

  • Gain clarity from multiple perspectives on the current situation 
  • Understand and define both professional and personal goals
  • Discover how they think, how they process, and what their strengths are
  • Create an action plan with specific goals and well-defined steps
  • Develop a grid for ongoing feedback and future decision-making

Does executive coaching work?

When you choose a qualified coach, the process of leadership development becomes a powerful and rewarding experience. It’s been my privilege to personally guide hundreds of satisfied executives in taking their business operations and personal lives to a higher level. 

There’s nothing more exciting than reaching our executive coaching goals and objectives, helping executives become better leaders, teams become more cohesive, and companies grow in revenue and profitability. 

Here’s what my clients are saying.

“I have been working with Jay over the last several years and I have seen tremendous progress in my business and personal life. I highly recommend Jay as a coach. If you are looking to grow and be challenged, Jay is your guy. It is hard to imagine Jay's input not in my life. I have referred him to several people and have seen personal growth in them as well.”  – Shawn W. 

“Fantastic listener, coach, teacher and mentor” – Cindy B. 

“Practical strategy with a focus on execution” – Len P.

“Jay has been an invaluable coach and resource for the continued success and growth of our business.” – Ross M.

“One of the most valuable investments I’ve ever made” – George M.

Together, we can set and maintain healthy boundaries while ramping up your performance to new levels. How does it work? Let’s unpack my unique approach by looking at five key questions.

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As the Executive Director of a global non-profit ministry, it's been extremely valuable to have Jay as a Leadership Coach.  since July 2017. I've found Jay's straightforward approach beneficial, inspiring, and rewarding. He's helped me identify key performance gaps, create plans for improvement, and implement lasting change. Personally, I admire Jay for his generous, caring heart and dedication to relationships. He truly cares about the individuals he coaches and wants his clients to flourish in all aspects and areas of his/her lives.

Cindy Bultema

Cindy Bultema

Jay has this unique gifting to sit with you, listen to your situation/issues and then, he hits you with it...this laser-focused, pin-pointed, exacting diagnosis as to the core issue(s) that you're dealing with.  His ability to identify not the symptoms, but the cause of my issues, has been so helpful.  I would highly recommend Jay to anyone looking for some self-awareness growth as well as outside eyes on business improvement.

Hunter Hall

Hunter Hall

Jay brings a wealth of wisdom and leadership principles. As a CEO, Jay gave me a set of tools that I can use in multiple situations to help with decision-making and leadership. I would definitely recommend him!

Jon Verlee

Jon Verlee

Jay has been an invaluable coach and resource for the continued success and growth of our business. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Ross Haan

Ross Haan

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