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Where Do You Think You Can Be?

Is it leading your company to grow exponentially? Maybe it’s becoming better at setting and directing strategy. Or perhaps you dream of developing the ideal team. I’d love to help you get there using my practical tools and frameworks that lead to lasting change, growth and profitability. My goal with each client engagement is the same: to help you move from where you are to where you can be.

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Executive and Team Coaching

I work with executives, managers and their teams to help them become more effective in reaching both individual and team potential. This includes helping them gain clarity on their current situation, discovering how they’re wired, developing goals, formulating strategies, and creating action plans to reach their goals.

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Strategic Planning

Our process is a strategic system that helps leadership teams gain perspective and clarity on the strategic, operational, and financial aspects of their organizations. Through a facilitated process, we guide your team through creating a core plan that is measurable, aligns your team, and leads to growth.

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Talent Assessment

Our Talent Assessment tools and processes help individuals and their teams identify and define the collective strengths that exist on the team. Through the use of online tools, and debrief sessions, we help teams identify existing gaps, new behaviors and “next step” plans for becoming a more unified, cohesive and effective team.

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  • I’m feeling overwhelmed as a leader. Can you help me?
  • How can I develop my team so I can see measurable results?
  • How can we develop a strategic plan that we actually implement?
  • I think we have a culture problem.  How can I overcome that?
  • I’m not sure we have our priorities straight. We need to prioritize.

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