Life Planning

What is Life Planning?

In the broadest sense, life planning (some might call it life coaching) helps a person identify their goals and develop a plan. A life plan facilitator helps clients create strategies, get motivated, and stay accountable. Life planners are not to be confused with financial advisors, retirement planners, or therapists.

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Life Planning

A framework for building a life of significance.

Over the years, I’ve developed a unique discovery system called the Barzel Life Planning Process. It provides surprising insight into how God wired you and what you’re called you to do. Clients describe my life planning brand of life coaching as both deeply spiritual and totally practical.

Here’s how I see it: You are a masterpiece. But not the kind that hangs in a museum. You’re far too valuable for that. Every one of us is uniquely designed and equipped to do things that no one else can.

My goal is to find exactly what that looks like — and help you achieve it.

First, let’s get acquainted...

“We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us … so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago” — St. Paul of Tarsus

I encourage potential clients to meet me on the phone for a “chemistry session.” This informal chat helps you learn about my background, sample my coaching style, and get a dash of free consulting to confirm a good fit.

Why is Life Planning so important?

Ferris Bueller said it best: “Life moves pretty fast.” Years fly by and we’re too busy to ask ourselves the BIG questions: Is my life making an impact? How will I be remembered? Is this all there is?

I wish I had a nickel for every time a client asked me about the meaning or purpose of life. Even the most successful leaders often wonder if they’re investing their lives in what matters most — or just spinning their wheels.

  • Why is my work draining me instead of energizing me?
  • Why am I feeling out of balance and stressed?
  • If I’m at the top of my game, why am I frustrated?
  • Why am I so confused about my life’s mission?
  • It feels like time for a change; what should I do?

Sadly, these questions often go unanswered, leaving us discouraged and unfulfilled. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Life planning brings the eye-opening clarity and self-awareness that leads to real life change and fulfillment.

By intentionally asking the “big” questions in life, we’ll pinpoint your dreams and develop personalized strategies to reach them.

How is Life Planning different from Executive Coaching or Life Coaching?

There are similarities; but working with a life plan facilitator is unique because it touches all areas and all seasons of life.

In short, life planning helps clients navigate issues beyond business, beyond achieving professional success. By focusing on personal development goals, life planning helps people find true purpose, deeper meaning and greater fulfillment. It does intersect with business roles, but the breakthroughs we aim for primarily foster self-actualization and internal growth beyond the workplace.

Coaches come in lots of flavors — leadership, career, wellness, holistic, etc. But a life plan facilitator is the best choice for charting your overall future.

What’s the goal of Life Planning?

It’s been said a good coach gives you permission to follow your dreams.

My goal is to make the journey to living your dreams faster, more efficient, and much more enjoyable.

The Barzel Life Planning Process focuses on improving performance and attaining greater satisfaction in the areas of personal, relational, and spiritual goals. Unlike a traditional life coach, I see myself as a “change facilitator,” with the life plan guiding you along as you take steps to a better life.

Measurable goals for my clients include:

  • Identifying and clarifying their unique life purpose
  • Encouraging self-exploration and spiritual growth
  • Exposing negative thoughts and breaking harmful patterns
  • Minimizing self-imposed limitations and pushback
  • Isolating what will radically change their life in the next year
  • Uncovering false beliefs that are sabotaging relationships
  • Preparing for change, transitions or challenges that might arise
  • Improving skills to influence, inspire and connect with others

Together, we’ll figure out your God-given purpose, then launch you toward it. I’ll be with you every step, offering fresh ways to keep you motivated and on track.

What are the benefits of Life Planning?

The biggest single benefit is finding your purpose...discovering what it is that makes you feel most alive. Knowing your life purpose — and how to get there — exponentially adds meaning and clarity to everything else you do.

Creating and pursuing a life that matters (not just going through the motions) is a massive paradigm shift, and its benefits are truly wide-ranging.

Life Planning offers a myriad of collateral benefits:

  • You’ll experience improved self-confidence, deeper relationships, better communication skills, smarter time management, and more.
  • With a life plan, you’ll perform at a higher level across the board – seeing progress personally, financially, and spiritually.
  • Once you get the tools necessary for achieving your objectives, you can apply them to career plans, family interactions, even fitness goals.
  • Knowing what you want and why you want it will boost your happiness, self-esteem and overall satisfaction levels.
  • Life planning uncovers gifts and talents (sometimes hidden) that can give your life additional joy and meaning. Stress and anxiety naturally decrease when you’re doing what you were wired to do.
  • Staying organized is tough. Sticking to plans is hard. You’ll learn the secret of knowing what’s attainable and how to nail it without quitting.

One huge benefit is having someone to give you true and honest feedback. Unlike family or friends, your life plan facilitator brings no bias, agenda or baggage. I’ll keep you accountable...and be your cheerleader urging you on.

Who needs Life Planning?

The ideal candidate is someone hungry for greater significance and maximum impact. That includes anyone looking to radically move their life forward, personally or professionally (they often intertwine).

My clients are diverse, ranging from businesses executives to homemakers, entrepreneurs to retirees. Nonprofit leaders, creatives, volunteers…the list goes on. What they all have in common is a strong desire to grow — by reframing their old ways of thinking, restructuring how they interact, and insisting on nothing short of an extraordinary life of purpose and meaning.

I strongly suggest Life Planning if you:

  • Feel stuck and want something different, but aren’t sure what
  • Need an impartial mentor to bounce ideas off and get feedback
  • Desire a neutral, trustworthy partner to guide and support you
  • Recognize the need for change, but don’t know how to start

If you sense a gap between where you are and where you want to be, you need life planning. If you’re re-thinking your career, your relationships, or the best possible way to spend the rest of your one-and-only life, contact me.

How does it work?

By asking meaningful questions, a life plan facilitator helps you crystalize your deepest, most longed-for vision and turn it into reality. A skilled questioner guides you into revealing the answers for yourself through dialogue, brainstorming, and reflection. By walking you through the crucial changes and inevitable hurdles, they help you find your primary purpose and reach your full potential.

My brand of life planning (also known as life coaching) is designed to help clients discover who they are, where they are, and where they want to go. During our sessions, we identify and clarify their unique, deeply-embedded purpose. Then we work on obstacles or issues that may be holding them back from attaining it.

My Barzel Life Planning Process involves four critical phases:

  1. The Pattern:
    Living life to the full. We all want that. This stage provides the optimal framework through which to view life, plus tools for evaluating decisions. By observing, reflecting and discussing, we uncover what it is you want most.
  2. Perspective:
    You are totally unique. This step discovers how you’re wired; how you process things; what talents and gifts you’ve been given, etc. Also, we analyze your story to identify events that’ve significantly influenced your life.
  3. The Plan:
    A goal without a plan is just a wish. This phase is about developing your life’s mission, matrix, priorities, and core values. Then we create an action plan with specific steps for movement towards significance in each area.
  4. Progress:
    Momentum takes energy. Identifying success factors and engaging in coaching check-in sessions, helps keep you accountable. Staying connected ensures you’re living out the new and better life we’ve uncovered.

By intentionally asking (and answering) the “big” questions of life, we’ll pinpoint your dreams and develop personalized strategies to reach them.

Barzell Life Planning

What happens during a session?

Coffee. Conversation. Repeat. During the exploratory phase, we define your overarching vision. Rather than simply teaching or telling, I ask probing questions that inspire and encourage clients to find their own solutions: What truly drives you? What’s the origin of your passion goal? What’s holding you back?

Next, we identify and clarify your most important short and long-term goals. We set an achievable (but challenging) plan of action to reach these goals. Then we discuss how and when you’ll take specific steps — and how each step supports your endgame. Soon, insights become actions which become life change.

During our one-on-one talks, we work on any roadblocks that may be preventing you from being your absolute best. With candor and clarity, I share my unbiased observations about what may be working for you … and what may be working against you.

In a relaxed, nonjudgmental atmosphere, we push through sticking points, monitor your progress, and empower you to succeed on your own.

Participants in my Barzel Life Plan Process receive:

  • Personalized 9-week facilitation
  • Custom Life Plan Guidebook with over 20 helpful constructs
  • Four Personality, Skills and Gift Assessment Reports
  • Ongoing accountability coaching for up to one year

Long-term success is based on building a coach-client accountability rhythm. As your life plan facilitator, I am directly invested in your success. You can expect to be continually re-motivated and mentally fueled up to take on new challenges.

What will I need to do during Life Planning?

Life planning is anything but passive. You’ll be expected to actively participate both during and between our meetings.

Your role will include listening to that “still small voice”, being open to change, and communicating your feelings. I’ll expect you to be honest with yourself, ask tough questions, and challenge us both. My ongoing role is also to listen — and use what I discern to guide the process, draw out truths, and share my perspective.

Our coaching sessions are partly based on tasks you’ll complete outside of our time together. Homework includes aptitude surveys, questionnaires, and self-evaluations to identify goals and personality types. Plus, you’ll be expected to regularly report to your choice of accountability partners (spouse, co-workers, or friends). In addition to them, I can be one of your monthly check-ins.

Don’t worry. Nothing about this is draining or tedious. Just the opposite. Clients find my Barzel Life Planning Process to be exciting, energizing, and full of laughter.

Let’s schedule your first session.

Ready to get started? The first step on your transformational journey is contacting me. We’ll have an unhurried phone chat about your life and your expectations, with a chance to ask each other questions about the process.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably eager to maximize your potential and take your future to the next level. Now it’s time to sit down with an action-oriented mentor who’ll help chart your course. And have a good time doing it!

As the Executive Director of a global non-profit ministry, it's been extremely valuable to have Jay as a Leadership Coach.  since July 2017. I've found Jay's straightforward approach beneficial, inspiring, and rewarding. He's helped me identify key performance gaps, create plans for improvement, and implement lasting change. Personally, I admire Jay for his generous, caring heart and dedication to relationships. He truly cares about the individuals he coaches and wants his clients to flourish in all aspects and areas of his/her lives.

Cindy Bultema

Cindy Bultema

Jay has this unique gifting to sit with you, listen to your situation/issues and then, he hits you with it...this laser-focused, pin-pointed, exacting diagnosis as to the core issue(s) that you're dealing with.  His ability to identify not the symptoms, but the cause of my issues, has been so helpful.  I would highly recommend Jay to anyone looking for some self-awareness growth as well as outside eyes on business improvement.

Hunter Hall

Hunter Hall

Jay brings a wealth of wisdom and leadership principles. As a CEO, Jay gave me a set of tools that I can use in multiple situations to help with decision-making and leadership. I would definitely recommend him!

Jon Verlee

Jon Verlee

Jay has been an invaluable coach and resource for the continued success and growth of our business. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Ross Haan

Ross Haan

Hear from more happy clients.

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