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What Is Strategic Planning?

Have you been mulling over the idea of wanting to completely transform the processes of running your business? Maybe you feel like you’re lacking a clear perspective on how to start, or what goals to set and how to achieve them with actionable, measurable steps. Strategic business planning can help. 

I am a certified facilitator of the StratOp method, a strategic planning framework created by Tom Paterson, that combines strategy (developing tomorrow’s business) with operations (managing today’s business). Take your business to new heights with this detailed, long-term plan for the future. 

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6 Phases of Strategic Planning

There are six phases of StratOp.

Phase 1: Perspective

Create an effective plan of action by understanding where your business is now. With objectivity, you can accurately identify ongoing issues before crafting future processes and attainable goals.

Phase 2: Core Plan

Now that you know what to change and improve upon, this step is where you create a clear pathway for the future of your company.

Phase 3: Action

Once you’ve highlighted the issues and big ideas, focus on what’s important now (W.I.N.s). Discuss tasks and solutions with the entire team in a cross-functional manner, welcoming problem-solving collaboration.

Phase 4: Structure

Implement a form that allows for optimal function. As a facilitator, I guide teams through the creation of a framework that values efficiency and decisiveness.

Phase 5: Management

This is the time to reflect on, “How are we doing?” Accountability through regular feedback is integral to maintaining a highly beneficial strategic plan.

Phase 6: Renewal

Every year, convene to review, renew, and restart the StratOp process, utilizing the knowledge from the previous year to adapt and overcome new issues.

In our StratOp sessions, we will employ a variety of extremely helpful tools, including:

Determine what kind of people are on your team and how to best delegate tasks with this talent assessment tool. It uncovers the blend of creative, abstract and practical, concrete thinkers in your organization.

This simple tool asks a few important questions: What is right? What is wrong? What is confusing? What is missing? After working through these prompts, you’ll have a better understanding of where to head next.

There will always be outside factors that influence your business—stay ahead of them with the patterns & trends analysis. This tool easily categorizes and plans for potential changes, whether they can be beneficial or detrimental to your individual business.

As part of planning specific initiatives, we use this tool in identifying internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats is necessary to determine how to best allocate resources and prepare for the unexpected.

Why Work with a Strategic Planning Consultant?

There are many benefits to working with an experienced strategic planning facilitator. If you ever ask yourself one of the following, consider reaching out today for more information:

  • What is the current state of the company? What is holding us back? 
  • What is my company’s mission? Where do we want to be in X years?
  • What actions can be taken to improve all facets of our business?
  • How can I identify and utilize the strengths of my team members?
  • How can I effectively measure our progress?
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What Is Life Planning?

Through my life planning services, I seek to help clients who are feeling stuck or lost in life to develop personal and career goals. Together, we will create unique strategies that result in a more confident plan of action to create the bold, self-aware, fulfilled version of themselves they’ve always envisioned.

4 Phases of Barzel Life Planning

I want to help you reach your goals faster, resulting in a more fulfilled life with a personal life plan. I’ve developed a system that is both spiritual and practical in nature: The Barzel Life Planning Process. There are four phases:

  • The Pattern: Together, we will observe and reflect on what’s led you to this phase of life. Here is where you uncover what you want most out of this experience, and what skills you want to grow in going forward.
  • Perspective: You are you for a reason. In the perspective phase, we will discuss your story and how it has influenced how you’ve become the person you are today. We’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses to better inform how to plan the next steps. 
  • The Plan: You have big goals, and we will get you to reach them with a comprehensive plan. We will ensure your priorities and core values are aligned with where you want to be—get ready for your best life.
  • Progress: We will stay in touch to identify your big wins and work through challenges. Ultimately, I will provide accountability to ensure you feel supported in your endeavors. 

Life Planning vs. Life Coaching: What’s the Difference?

Life planning and life coaching are similar in that they both seek to improve their clients’ daily experiences and endeavors through an impartial yet compassionate approach.

However, planning provides the necessary framework for gaining perspective and uncovering the blocks that are preventing you from understanding what you really want out of life. The why that life planning provides supports the how of coaching for long-term benefit.

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Why Work with a Life Plan Facilitator?

If you’ve been struggling to figure out a purpose in your life, life planning can be, well, life-changing. After working with me, my life planning clients gain:

A great understanding of their unique purpose in life

A heightened ability to explore the self

Spiritual growth

An understanding of how to truly alter their life over the course of a year

Minimized self-imposed limitations

Less negative thoughts and destructive thought patterns

The ability to foster better relationships

Confidence in working through change and transitional periods

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