Management Coaching

Navigating Conflict Resolution: A Step-by-Step Guide

Conflict is an inevitable aspect of human interaction, occurring in various settings such as workplaces, families, and communities. While it can be uncomfortable, addressing conflicts directly and constructively is essential for fostering healthy relationships and maintaining harmony. And yet, I find that effective conflict resolution eludes most of us. There have been volumes of books,…

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3 Ways to “Save” Time

Remember the game show “Minute to Win It” on NBC?   Hosted by Guy Fieri, it pitted contestants against a series of ten nerve-wracking challenges using household objects. To advance and win money, each task had to be completed within the one-minute time limit.   Degree of difficulty escalated as players progressed, and time was…

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New Sheriff in Town

Ever heard of Wyatt Earp? After cleaning out the bad guys in Dodge City, this real-life lawman moved to Tombstone, Arizona to settle down and start a business. Unfortunately, a gang of outlaws killed the town’s sheriff and terrorized its citizens. Their crime spree forced Wyatt Earp to become “the new sheriff in town.” His…

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