Enneagram for Business Leaders: How to Be a Better Boss

Enneagram Boss

What Is the Enneagram? In this day of self-awareness, more and more business leaders are seeing the value of helping their teams get more insight on how they are “wired.” The Enneagram has been a very helpful tool in doing so.  What is the Enneagram? Well, let’s start with what it isn’t: It isn’t just…

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The Power of Pause

The article below was given to me by one of my clients. We had just wrapped up our quarterly strategy review, and this article was written to be included in their upcoming company newsletter. The purpose was to inform all employees, to let them know why each quarter, the entire management team goes off site…

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3 Ways to “Save” Time

  Remember the game show “Minute to Win It” on NBC?   Hosted by Guy Fieri, it pitted contestants against a series of ten nerve-wracking challenges using household objects. To advance and win money, each task had to be completed within the one-minute time limit.   Degree of difficulty escalated as players progressed, and time…

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