Cultivating a Culture of Gratitude in Business: Practical Ways to Appreciate Vendors, Staff, Partners, and Competitors

Bulgari is an Italian fashion house known for luxury jewelry, fragrances, and leather goods. Over the years, high-profile clients like Elizabeth Taylor and Ingrid Bergman enhanced the mystique. Prices are on the, shall we say, high side. In 2014, Bulgari sold a bejeweled bottle of Opera Prima perfume for $250,000. Today, their Octo Tourbillon watch…

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Surviving the Holidays

What’s the first Christmas present you really, really wished for as a kid? Is there one special toy that still makes you feel nostalgic? The answer will depend on your generation. Some of us wanted a talking doll or an electric train set. Others wanted a video game or cell phone. To some degree, we…

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Enneagram for Business Leaders: How to Be a Better Boss

Enneagram Boss

What Is the Enneagram? In this day of self-awareness, more and more business leaders are seeing the value of helping their teams get more insight on how they are “wired.” The Enneagram has been a very helpful tool in doing so.  What is the Enneagram? Well, let’s start with what it isn’t: It isn’t just…

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