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Commitment is an Action

When is it okay to be wishy-washy? It’s perfectly acceptable to be undecided in a restaurant while ordering food. It’s fine to hedge your bets in a game of fantasy football. It is not okay to be uncommitted in the cockpit of a $30 million F-16 fighter jet. When engaging enemy forces in combat, the…

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Secrets of Persistence

When things get rough, are you tempted to throw in the towel? Not Bob Salem. When this guy sets a goal, it’s a done deal. Earlier this year, 53-year-old Bob Salem of Colorado Springs became the fourth person in history to push a peanut to the top of Pikes Peak with his nose. Fighting fatigue…

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Enneagram for Business Leaders: How to Be a Better Boss

Enneagram Boss

What Is the Enneagram? In this day of self-awareness, more and more business leaders are seeing the value of helping their teams get more insight on how they are “wired.” The Enneagram has been a very helpful tool in doing so.  What is the Enneagram? Well, let’s start with what it isn’t: It isn’t just…

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