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Why You Should Use a Talent Assessment for Your Next Hire

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Why You Should Use Hiring & Talent Assessments Are you having trouble hiring these days? Well, get in line. If you’re like most company leaders today, “trouble” might feel like an understatement. By now, it’s not news that our society is in the midst of what is being called The Great Resignation. The pandemic has…

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Setting Healthy Boundaries

  Air conditioning. Powered flight. Radio broadcasting. Washing machines. Assembly lines. Affordable motor cars. What do these game-changing innovations have in common? They were all invented between 1902 and 1910. That’s less than a decade after the director of U.S. Patents and Trademarks declared that his agency was obsolete. In 1902, Commissioner Charles Duell is…

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Lessons from a Frontlines Leader

He didn’t enter this world with a royal pedigree. He was born in Harlem. His parents were Jamaican immigrants. He grew up on the rough streets of South Bronx. He got into mischief. Skipped school. His grades were average at best. He worked at a bottling plant. Then he joined the Army. In the crucible…

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