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8 Questions to Ask a Business Coach Before Hiring

business man staring up at question marks

Should I Hire a Business Coach? If you’re reading this, you very well may be expecting me to answer with, “Yes, and make sure you hire me.”  Well, sorry to disappoint.  The reality is that the answer to that question really depends on the answers to a variety of questions, the first of which is,…

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Values That Count

“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.” That famous line is from Roy E. Disney. Most leaders would agree in principle, but despite our best intentions, living by core values is easier said than done. I often help clients develop compelling core values they will actually utilize. We begin…

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Commitment is an Action

When is it okay to be wishy-washy? It’s perfectly acceptable to be undecided in a restaurant while ordering food. It’s fine to hedge your bets in a game of fantasy football. It is not okay to be uncommitted in the cockpit of a $30 million F-16 fighter jet. When engaging enemy forces in combat, the…

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