Leadership Coaching

Lessons from a Frontlines Leader

He didn’t enter this world with a royal pedigree. He was born in Harlem. His parents were Jamaican immigrants. He grew up on the rough streets of South Bronx. He got into mischief. Skipped school. His grades were average at best. He worked at a bottling plant. Then he joined the Army. In the crucible…

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Manufacturing Leadership: Benefits of an Industrial Coach

Illustration of gear representing industrial manufacturing coaching

What Makes an Effective CEO? Automaker and business magnate Henry Ford once said, “Businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die.”  Leadership development is important in all businesses, and that includes manufacturing. Factories and other industrial companies rely on streamlined processes to train their employees, manufacture products, ensure worker safety, organize inventory, and…

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Are you an encourager or a critic?

Are you an encourager or a critic? Born in Hawaii, Bethany Hamilton was surfing by age seven. As a teen, she was on her way to becoming an elite champion. Then in 2003, a shark bit off her entire left arm. Most people would have quit. But not Bethany — or her biggest supporters. Her…

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