Marketing – Demand Generation

Love Your Market

In November of 2019, I spoke to a gathering of business leaders on the topic of The Four Essentials of Business. I’ve since then taken the opportunity to write a series of blog posts on the topic, one post for each of the four essentials. The first essential is Brand Identity. The second is a…

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Who Are We?

Last November, I was asked to speak about the Four Essentials of Business, a framework for building a successful organization. Over the next few months, I’m going to divide that talk into 4 blog posts, one for each “Essential”.  The first Essential is a company’s identity, sometimes referred to as the company “brand”.  The problem…

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Make Your Customer the Hero

Given my 20+ year history as a marketing consultant, I’m often asked for marketing advice. One of the recurring issues I deal with is proper positioning of a company, product or service in its market. This is a challenge for many small to mid-sized organizations. Too many companies position themselves or their products and services…

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