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What is a Brand?

I asked my father, Carlos Hidalgo, to write the following guest post.  I find myself quoting my father quite a bit these days, not just on issues of business, but also on issues of life. This post provides tried and true insights to answer the question, “What is a Brand”.  You can read more about…

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Field Trips, Junior Highers and Engaging the Buyer

Over the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to chaperon 3 school field trips with my children.  All three trips were overnight: one with 5th graders, one with 8th graders, and one with seniors.  And I have to admit…I love going on these trips. I get one-one-one time with my kids. I get to hang…

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Big Data is Only Part of the Equation

Well marketers, it’s happened again.  Another buzz word has us all running around with our hair on fire. In the not-so-distant past, we’ve had popular phrases such as “Marketing Automation”, “Thought Leadership”, “Engagement Marketing”, “Content Marketing, and “Digital Body Language” pop up in the marketing landscape, causing many to think that if they didn’t adopt…

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