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What is a Brand?

I asked my father, Carlos Hidalgo, to write the following guest post.  I find myself quoting my father quite a bit these days, not just on issues of business, but also on issues of life. This post provides tried and true insights to answer the question, “What is a Brand”.  You can read more about…

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Effective Event and Tradeshow Practices

Last month, I began working with a client, coaching them on developing their demand generation strategy and process.  About a month into our engagement, they asked me if I had any thoughts on how they should approach their upcoming industry tradeshows.  I outlined some ideas, and thought, “That would make a great blog post.” What…

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Demand Generation Assessment Quiz

How effective is your company’s demand generation and lead management process? Perhaps this simple quiz will show you where there might be some room for improvement.  Just follow these simple instructions… Answer the questions below Scroll down (after you answer the questions) to reveal the scoring table.  Determine your score Scroll to the bottom of…

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