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Social Media in 20 minutes a day

Many of my clients are either small business owners or managers of small departments. Inevitably, the topic of social media comes up, usually in the form of them asking a question like, “I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook but I don’t have time to keep posting all day long. Any ideas?  Oh, and I have…

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Medium? Message? Huh?

A client of mine recently showed me their new website.  After I commented on the nice clean design, I asked about content. The conversation went something like this… Me: Nice website.  How are you going to develop content? Client:  I was thinking of beefing up our social media. Me: Social media isn’t content. What I…

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Building an Effective Content Process: A Case Study

I’m currently working with a marketing manager whose primary role is the oversight of her company’s social media strategy. In one of our sessions, I asked her what her goals were, what resources she had at her disposal, and how she was going to use those resources to achieve her goals.  Her assignment was to…

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