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Executive Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Startup Owners

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What is Executive Coaching? As a business professional, it’s most likely that you often experience feelings of exhaustion, overcommitment, and anxiety. It may seem like there are not enough hours in a day to manage your business, empower your employees, give back to your community, and spend time with your family. For entrepreneurs and owners…

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Team Coaching for Small Businesses & Startups

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What is Coaching for Small Businesses & Startups? Building a business or a startup is no small task. From developing products or services to delivering them to the client, there are plenty of bumps in the road that you can encounter along the way. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that small businesses and startups…

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How to Start a Coaching Business

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I’m often asked by people launching their coaching business, “Jay, what did you do to start yours? What should I consider as I step out on my own?” Since I first launched my business coaching practice in 2013, the coaching industry has changed dramatically. No longer do companies hire business coaches as a last resort…

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