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Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of conducting Demand Generation Workshops for hundreds of marketers.  These workshops are designed to be a “lab”, a place where marketers could learn about how to build an effective demand generation program, and then spend time applying what they learned to their respective companies. After the workshops, I…

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Field Trips, Junior Highers and Engaging the Buyer

Over the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to chaperon 3 school field trips with my children.  All three trips were overnight: one with 5th graders, one with 8th graders, and one with seniors.  And I have to admit…I love going on these trips. I get one-one-one time with my kids. I get to hang…

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An Act-On Conversation: Jay Hidalgo and Atri Chatterjee Talk Demand Generation, Part 1

I had the chance recently to join Act-On Software’s Director of Demand Gen, Janelle Johnson (@janelle_johnson), and CMO, Atri Chatterjee (@atrichatt)  for a podcast conversation on the topic of Demand Generation. They were kind enough to allow me to post the conversation below.  I hope you find it beneficial… Click on the image to listen to the podcast:  …

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