Personal Development

The Enneagram for Schools & Teachers

Wooden letters in a classroom

Why do schools need the Enneagram? Recent research has shown that teachers experience stress in the workplace at twice the rate of the general population. Teacher burnout is at an all time high. Having strong self-awareness and understanding is essential to operating and maintaining a healthy, dynamic, fulfilling teaching career. The Enneagram is a tool…

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Time to Reflect

“It’s not the experience that brings transformation, it’s our reflection upon our experience.”  –  Jan Johnson Well, it’s the first week back after the holiday season. Over the last few weeks, conversations with friends and family have centered around plans for the holidays, how things are going, how busy we are, and even a little…

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Not Vacationing (Resting) is Holding Us Back.

At this point each year, conversations often turn to, “What are you plans for the summer?” When asked, I respond by telling whoever wants to know about our baseball tournaments, camping trips, and then, the pièce de résistance, our two week “off the grid” up north vacation in August. This is usually where I hear…

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