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A chalkboard showing how to improve employee engagement

Improve Employee Engagement with Business Coaching

Learn how business coaching services can improve employee engagement and retention by teaching business owners to implement better business practices.

Puzzle piece that says motivation

How to Motivate Employees as a Leader

Curious how to motivate employees as a leader? These ideas to motivate employees in the workplace will change the way you think of leadership.

Hands writing speech bubbles

How to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Curious how to improve communication in the workplace? As a leadership and communication coach, these are the best tips for open communication.

A meeting for strategic planning, goal setting

The Importance of Strategic Planning and Setting Goals in an Organization

Strategic planning and goal setting are vital to any healthy organization. They can help give your staff direction and create steps for continuous improvement.


Surviving the Holidays

What’s the first Christmas present you really, really wished for as a kid? Is there one special toy that still makes you feel nostalgic? The answer will depend on your generation. Some of us wanted a talking doll or an electric train set. Others wanted a video game or cell phone. To some degree, we…

A business coach speaking at a table to others about the qualities of a good business coach

Business Coaching: Qualities of a Good Coach

What are the qualities of a good business coach? It’s important to find a business coach with experience, drive, creativity, and empathy.


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