As a
Certified Five Capitals Coach, Jay uses the Five Capitals tools, frameworks and methodologies to help his clients…

  • Plan accurately and execute effectively
  • Grow, both in competence and character
  • Accurately understand and serve their markets
  • Become better “servant” leaders
  • Build effective, cohesive teams
  • Make an impact for the Kingdom in the marketplace.

Five Capitals is a non-profit organization that works with business people, delivering expertise with the aim of bringing encouragement, best practices, strategic insight, biblical concepts, transformation, accountability and growth to one’s team or organization. To learn more about Five Capitals, go to


As a Certified StratOp Facilitator, Jay uses the Paterson StratOp process to help companies and organizations gain perspective, achieve clarity, and build a strategic operating systems for running and growing their organization. The Paterson Center trains and equips facilitators in the StratOp processes.