My New Face

Last week, I spent 4 days with business and organizational leaders from around the country. As often happens at these gatherings, I was asked “What do you do?” Over the last two years, I’ve been asked that same question repeatedly. And over the last two years, although my answers have always been true, they’ve been nuanced depending on the audience I found myself addressing. For the marketing community, I’d say something like, “I coach and consult marketing directors, helping them implement demand generation and marketing strategy”. For business executives, I’d reply with something like, “I walk alongside business leaders, helping them grow in leadership effectiveness.” Again, always true, but not consistent. Get the picture?

The problem with the lack of consistency is that it has created some confusion in the market I’m seeking to serve. Now, you might be reading this, thinking, “Aren’t you a marketing expert? Isn’t marketplace positioning something with which you help your clients?” A fair question to be sure. And although I have indeed helped many a company to improve branding and positioning, let’s just chalk my inconsistency up to “son of the shoemaker syndrome”.

But today, all of that has changed. Today, I’m putting a new, consistent face on my practice. Now, when asked the question, “What do you do?”, I can confidently answer, “I Help Companies And Leaders Get From Where They Are To Where They Can Be.” I’ll then explain that I do this through coaching and facilitation in three primary areas: Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, and Marketing Strategy. My deliverables will be what they have been for the last 4 years: perspective, clarity, an executable plan, breakthrough and measurable growth. What will be different is the consistency in which I communicate this my audience.

So, feel free to take a look around the website, and if you’d like to talk, you can contact me via my contact page.