Count Your Blessings

Hanging on the wall in our kitchen is a framed piece of artwork that has the saying “Count Your Blessings” across the top.  Down the left-hand side are the numbers 1 through 10.  There’s glass over the artwork, which allows us to use a dry erase marker to fill in 10 blessings at a time.  Over the years, it’s been fun to watch my wife, the kids, and even their friends add blessings on this monument to thankfulness that we keep in our home.

In this season, I’ve been reminded of the power of thankfulness. St. Paul tells us that thankfulness is a key element that leads to peace.  

So, instead of a marketing or management blog, I thought I’d count the first 10 blessings that come to mind. Actually, there are 12 (and I know I could list so many more). My hope is that this list helps remind us all that we have much for which to be thankful.

  1. A God who loves me, no matter what
  2. Janice…My love, my guide, my one and only
  3. Joey, Molly, Maggie and Jack
  4. Shealie, our loyal, pain-in-the-neck beagle
  5. Justin, Katie, Paul, Chad, Brandon, Dave
  6. Baseball
  7. Walker Charter Academy and Wellspring Prep
  8. The tremendous circle of friends with whom my kids have surrounded themselves
  9. Unusually moderate November weather
  10. The New York Mets
  11. Flames Baseball 14U team
  12. Five Capitals