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More Leads? What About the Ones You Have?

The most recent “The State of Marketing” study released by IBM says that the top challenge for marketers (42%) is acquiring new customers.  Other industry research seems to support this. Challenges such as “generating more leads”, “finding qualified prospects”, “sales wanting more ‘ready to buy’ leads” are often cited as the top challenges for marketers.…

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I received a phone call the other day from a very well known marketing automation company.  They were calling to see if I had availability over the next few days to sit through a demo of their software.  They were convinced that they could help me with my marketing objectives and help me reach my…

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What To Do When Sales Won’t Cooperate

It happens. You’ve done everything right. You invited them in. You listened. You’ve gone on sales calls, sat through demos, listened to their customers. You’ve created a qualification model that gets them qualified leads according to their definitions. You’ve worked with them to create a demand generation process that aligns with their way of doing…

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