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What About Lead Management?

A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a director of marketing about a demand generation program he was getting ready to launch for his company. He had formulated some aggressive objectives for this program, and he was covering all the bases during one of our meetings. When I asked about lead follow up, he…

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Tradeshow Follow-up

Yes, the title of this post has the word “tradeshow”in it.  They still exist, and for many companies, they are still a tremendous source of sales leads.  As a matter of fact, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research reports that tradeshows continue to grow (albeit modestly) in attendance and exhibitor space. So why do so…

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What To Do When Sales Won’t Cooperate

It happens. You’ve done everything right. You invited them in. You listened. You’ve gone on sales calls, sat through demos, listened to their customers. You’ve created a qualification model that gets them qualified leads according to their definitions. You’ve worked with them to create a demand generation process that aligns with their way of doing…

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