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What Sales and Marketing Can Learn From My Mechanic

After 13 years, and over 175,000 miles, it’s finally time to say goodbye to “Big Blue”. Big Blue is our Ford Expedition, and she finally “gave up” the ghost. We came to this conclusion as the result of a recent, routine oil change visit to my mechanic. He called and said, “I think she’s done…

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Building an Effective Content Process: A Case Study

I’m currently working with a marketing manager whose primary role is the oversight of her company’s social media strategy. In one of our sessions, I asked her what her goals were, what resources she had at her disposal, and how she was going to use those resources to achieve her goals.  Her assignment was to…

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What College Visits Teach Us About Demand Gen

My oldest is 18 and a senior in high school, which means that the past few months have been filled with conversations about college.  Recruiting letters, calls from admissions folks and college visits have become a new normal for us.   My son wants to study film and cinematic arts, so included on the list of…

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