The One Integrated Life Retreat

“I Feel Like I’m Stuck!”

At various times in life, we come to a point where we need or want to make changes. But too often we don’t know what those changes should be. Perhaps you have found yourself asking questions such as…

  • Why is what I’m doing draining me more than it’s energizing me?
  • Am I making the right contributions? If so, why am I so frustrated?
  • Why is it such a struggle for me to figure out my life’s mission?
  • I’m considering a change – but what should I do?
  • Why am I feeling out of balance and stressed?

If you are asking one or more of these questions, then maybe it’s time to consider going through the
One Integrated Life Retreat.

What is the One Integrated Life Retreat?

The One Integrated Life Retreat is a Spirit led discovery that provides insight into how God has wired you, understanding of what He’s called you to, and a framework for building a life of significance. The process includes the following phases:

  • The Pattern:  Learning how to model and plan your life based on purpose and calling
  • Perspective: Reflecting on your life’s story and identifying events  that have significantly influenced and had an impact on your life
  • Profile: Discovering your uniqueness: how you’re wired, how you process things; what talents and gifts you’ve been given, etc.
  • The Plan: Developing an action plan with specific goals and steps for movement towards significance in each area of life
  • The Progression: Follow up coaching and check-in sessions to keep you accountable on living out the life you were designed to live

Going through these steps will help you reach the goal of living a satisfying, and meaningful life.

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