Strategic Planning

Most companies (approximately 65%) operate without a central strategic plan. As a result, many organizational leaders are left frustrated, wanting to be proactively strategic, but not knowing how to get there.

To help organizations such as these, Jay uses the The Paterson StratOp process to help business leaders gain perspective and clarity on the strategic, operational, and financial aspects of their organizations. StratOp is a strategic system that has helped hundreds of companies, non-profits, and churches exponentially grow, both in terms of cultural health and financial outcomes. Through a 3-day facilitated process, Jay can help your team achieve…

  • Unity and alignment
  • Clarity on roles and where the organization is heading
  • Creation of a customized strategic operating plan
  • An effective, sustainable system for running and growing your business

The Paterson StratOp process is a comprehensive system that weaves together the strategic, operational and financial aspects of your organization. It guides a leadership team to gain full perspective on all internal and external realities, craft a core strategy that emerges from the gained clarity, and create a plan that can be measured, incrementally installed and adapted to internal and external change. With the StratOp process, planning goes from being an event to becoming a way of doing business.

Jay facilitates the StratOp process for businesses, non-profit organizations and churches.