Marketing Strategy


If you’re a marketer, perhaps you have asked yourself questions like these:

  • “How can I generate more leads?”
  • “How do I measure marketing effectiveness and ROI?”
  • “Do we have a branding problem?”
  • “How can I develop content with such limited resources?”
  • “What can I do so that our sales team stops telling me that the leads I send them are worthless?”
  • “Where can I find strategic help on our limited budget?”

These questions should sound familiar. They represent the top challenges marketers say they are facing. To help overcome these challenges, Jay leverages his more than 20 years of experience to help marketers as they become more effective in the areas of branding, demand generation strategy, lead management, marketing management, etc. Jay’s Marketing Strategy engagements cover areas such as…

  • Identifying and establishing measurable marketing goals
  • Discovery and needs assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses of marketing staff
  • Marketing role alignment and performance improvement
  • Skills coaching that addresses gaps in knowledge and capability
  • Demand generation implementation
  • Effective use of CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Branding strategy