Leadership Development


Business and organizational leaders face unique pressures: Improving performance; hitting revenue targets; managing staff; pleasing customers; satisfying employees; making time for family; supporting the community. All of these and more are calling for, even demanding, 100% time, attention and effort. It’s no wonder that the majority of senior level executives (96% according to one study) feel some level of burnout.

Unfortunately, too many times, executives convince themselves that “it is what it is”, or “I’m doing this for the family” or “I just need to suck it up”. Jay helps business executives discover a better way. Jay’s ability to listen, provide perspective, then ask questions that lead to self-discovery are uniquely used with each leader and their team to help them…

  • Understand and define both personal and professional goals
  • Discover how they’re “wired”: how they think, how they process, what their strengths are, etc.
  • Discover and learn about ways to alter behavior, resulting in real and lasting change
  • Create an action plan with specific goals and action steps for both personal and professional areas of life
  • Develop a framework and process for ongoing feedback, and for making future decisions

Areas of focus include…

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • Leadership Skills and Practices
  • Self-Discovery and Assessment
  • Building a Healthy, Productive Culture
  • Creating a Leadership Development Engine
  • Work-Life Balance
  • “The One Integrated Life” Retreat