What Drives Your Business?

04 April, 2017
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Last week, I was speaking with a business leader at a consulting company.  We were discussing his firm, and the growth challenges they were having.  I asked, “What are the key drivers for the business, and what strategies are in place that focus on those drivers?” His response was, “We need more sales, and our […]

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My New Face

15 March, 2017
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Last week, I spent 4 days with business and organizational leaders from around the country. As often happens at these gatherings, I was asked “What do you do?” Over the last two years, I’ve been asked that same question repeatedly. And over the last two years, although my answers have always been true, they’ve been […]

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Will You Manage 2017, Or Will It Manage You?

10 January, 2017
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Happy New Year! (I think I’m allowed to wish “Happy New Year” until January 31st 🙂 ). As I start this new year, my plan is to be more effective, more efficient, and more intentional. And I want to be available to help others be so as well. That’s why I’m sharing this fascinating article […]

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“Peace on Earth to those with whom God is pleased.”

20 December, 2016
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In this season, as many around the world focus their attention to the Nativity, I thought the following blog post (originally posted by my client here) would serve as a blessing. It’s a simple reminder that God is indeed “pleased” with us. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “favor” lately. It started […]

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Count Your Blessings

21 November, 2016
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Hanging on the wall in our kitchen is a framed piece of artwork that has the saying “Count Your Blessings” across the top.  Down the left-hand side are the numbers 1 through 10.  There’s glass over the artwork, which allows us to use a dry erase marker to fill in 10 blessings at a time. […]

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